Shristi Ghimire

Shristi grew up in Kathmandu, Nepal, into a middle class family. Although she herself was fortunate enough to receive quality education, she saw how this basic need was not fulfilled for thousands of children around her. Much like Nhat, she saw financial constraints causing many adolescents to drop out of school at a crucial period of their lives, and in worse situations, never even attended school. In her journey from a small country in South Asia to a professional career on Wall Street, she realized that education was an incredible tool for empowerment. It was the key to independence and social mobility. She also realized how unfortunate it was that many young and brilliant minds around her never got an opportunity to live up to their potential. Every child deserves an equal chance to shape his life and education can be his tool. In 2012, while Shristi was a Junior at Mount Holyoke College, she met Nhat who shared her passion, and this was the beginning of their friendship and the seed for Fund For Dreams several years after.